Essay写作中如何解决Summary and respond?

 写手指南     |      2020-10-05 18:07
  很多写手在essay写作中对于Summary and respond完成度不高,总体得分也就不会高。今天小编就给同学们分享essay写作中Summary and respond完成方法吧,希望可以帮到同学们。


  The basic structure of this essay:
  Including the title,author’s name,date of the original essay.
  Paragraph2:Body paragraph1
  包括3个部分:过渡句,3个thesis statements,point1
  Paragraph3:Body paragraph2
  Paragraph4:Body paragraph3
  注意:在写每一个point的时候,在表明自身观点后引用文献(quote or paraphrase)去验证自身观点的正确性(provide evidence and supports)
  通常开头topic sentence结尾对整段的argument有个总结,使每一段body更为完整
  Hello everyone,I am lv,jialu(Katherine),I will say something about my ENG class.
  My professor is Gina Roach,she is so organized that she taught many formats of writing,which can help me to summary and respond much easier than before.For instance,I remembered that in her first class she told us the way of writing summary.First you should get some useful information to support your essay,such as the writer’s name,when the author began to write,and the structure of the passage.By the way,the structure of passage,I mean if you find a main idea from the whole passage,you also need to conclude the structure of it.For example,the passage defines something,explains something or something else.And then you will find some reasons which are expressed or supported by the writer.These reasons will become your example illustration that you should conclude them in your own sentences and write in your summary.Besides,don’t forget to add some conjunctions.They will make your essay look comfortable.
  For response,maybe different teachers have different ways to teach.And you also have all kinds of ideas from passages.After all,response is that you can express your own points and show your feelings.I don’t want to say many skills about how to write it.However,I can give some parts from my professor which may help you.Response are divided into three parts.These are analytic response,evaluative response and interpretive response.They will play different rolls in the response,you need to learn and have your own points of these.All in all,though I am tired after ENG,I can learn a lot of things.In addition,I show my best respect to my ENG class.